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Tasty farmer has lot’s coming by way of delicious recipes, great foods and how to aquire or grow them – along with nutrition facts, dietary suggestions, and tons of other food and health related information based on holistic health and eating!

There is so much going on in the world of food health today, and so much bad that has happened over the past couple hundred years. This from the GMA (Grocery Manufacturer Associations wiki):

On December 5, 2013, the Grocery Manufacturers Association sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration announcing GMA’s plan to petition the FDA to establish a rule allowing food made with genetically modified products to be labeled as ‘natural’.[6] This has led many in the organic and natural foods movement to call for a boycott of the GMA along with Monsanto because of their support for unlabelled distribution of GMO foods.[7]

…and this as just ONE example of the battle we all face fighting corporate America and the World Powers.

The corporate miscreants have totally fulfilled their destiny of making money and burdening us ALL with diseases, long term illnesses, and death…and sadly, this is not opinion but a terrifying FACT! We have made THEM rich by buying their products and they repay us with MORE greed and power-mongering. They are not satisfied to be wealthy and conduct good business; they want GMO’s (genetically modified organics) to expand the sizes of food and tampering with nature to baloon their profits, and all at the worlds expense. Our health suffers along with our families and loved ones.

But NOW, it’s our turn to TAKE BACK our destinies and go back to the OLD ways of eating, overall health, and nutrition. Tasty Farmer will be working “ever so diligently” to make sure we bring you the latest information on; GMOs, fad diets, the “Bad Medicine” our countries sell us…and so much more.

EAT HEALTHY and LIVE LONG – Welcome to Tasty Farmer


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  1. Nerys

    My grandmas breaded chicken recipe is the shit. Yum. 🙂

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