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My wife Sharon and I have spent years and years researching everything to do with healthy eating AND holistics. Over the years we have tried MANY diets, MANY recipes, MANY alternatives to the NORM and ultimately have done MUCH due diligence to our current resolve. We found the “bad guys” hiding behind their expensive suits as they sell us and our children a pathetic bill of goods aimed at HIGH PROFITS for them, and what amounts to the MURDER of the common man as we ingest the GARBAGE they have been feeding us for centuries. GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organics), High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Glutens, Synthetic sugars, and on and on…we knew it was time to start sharing what we have learned and help others defend themselves with us.

The Tasty Farmer is our way of sharing all the things WE have learned, all the other information SO MANY others are sharing these days, and aggregating it all into one place where ANYONE can LEARN and move forward in the NEW healthy and holistic world we are finally seeing as our destiny…a destiny which in many ways takes us back to our simple beginnings as farmers and natural healers.

Welcome and enjoy…and PLEASE feel free to share…SO MANY great people with such wonderful ideas…




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