Fried Rice

While the exact origins of fried rice are lost to history, it’s believed that it was invented sometime during the Sui dynasty (589 – 618 AD), in the city of Yangzhou in eastern Jiangsu province. Yangchow (Yangzhou) Fried Rice is still the standard by which all other Chinese fried rice dishes are judged: morsels of fluffy rice tossed with roast pork, prawns, scallions and peas.

4 cups day old cooked rice (or fresh made added last)

1 large white onion, chopped

1 bag frozen carrots, corn, and peas (or comparable), thawed and drained

2 cups chopped cabbage

1 bunch of scallions, with greens, chopped

1 can bean sprouts, drained (or 2 small containers fresh)

3 eggs, scrambled

1lb of meat, chicken, beef or pork, chopped and seasoned with pepper and salt

1 tbsp powdered chicken bouillon (with or without MSG, MSG tastes better)

5 tbsps cooking oil (vegetable oil, peanut oil or preference)


Heat skillet with one tablespoon of cooking oil, add scrambled eggs and season lightly with chicken bouillon and stir till just slightly under-cooked and remove from pan and set aside.

If you are using meat, add to hot skillet with another tablespoon of oil and stir till cooked, remove and set aside. Wipe hot skillet clean with paper towel.

If using day old cold rice, heat another tablespoon of cooking oil to hot skillet, break up rice with hand so it is not in clumps and add to skillet stirring, sprinkle with chicken bouillon. Cook till just starting to crisp a bit.

Add remaining cooking oil, let heat a minute and then add all veggies, stir fry till starting to soften, add eggs, meat (if using), and if using fresh rice add it now and season with chicken bouillon if you have not done already in prior step.

Stir it all together until hot and serve.

ENJOY your Fried Rice brought to you by Tasty Farmer!

A Sampling of Additional Fried Rice Recipes:

Chinese Fried Rice Recipes:
Yangchow – China’s most famous fried rice dish, made with roast pork, prawns, scallions (green or spring onions) and peas.
Shrimp – this is often paired with cooked ham, as too much shrimp can overpower the other flavors.
Lap Cheung – fried rice with Chinese Sausage

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