• Safe Internal Cooking Temperatures
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    Cooking meat and poultry to that perfect state of “just right” is not as elusive as it sounds. While judging doneness by look and feel is an uncertain art at best, it is actually pretty easy to get great results all the time when you use an instant-read thermometer. A thermometer is the only reliable […]

  • Pork
    Posted in: Healthy Food Choices, Meats

    Nutrition in Pastured Pork In pork, one big issue is fat quality. This comes pretty much directly from their diet. In the wild, pigs eat pretty much anything they can get their snouts into: roots, grass, leaves, grubs, nuts (most famously hazelnuts and acorns), berries and fruit, and insects. Under human care, they’ll also happily […]

  • Chickens and Eggs
    Posted in: Healthy Food Choices, Meats

    Nutrition in Pastured Chickens Chickens are a little bit more complicated. The same review that couldn’t give any conclusive numbers about “organic” pork also couldn’t provide clear data for “organic” chicken. Overall, the “organic” birds had more Omega-3 fats, although the numbers get a little complicated here, because the ratios vary depending on whether you […]

  • Grass Fed Beef
    Posted in: Healthy Food Choices, Meats, Paleo Diet

    Author: Jo Johnson “Why Grass fed is Best!” Consumers have been led to believe that meat is meat is meat. In other words, no matter what an animal is fed, the nutritional value of its products remains the same. This is not true. An animal’s diet can have a profound influence on the nutrient content […]

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