Beans and Legumes

  • About Beans and Legumes
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    If you are confused when you hear the terms legumes and beans and want to know if they are the same thing or what the difference is, we’re here to help.  Many people confuse these two terms or think that they are mutually exclusive. A legume is simply a plant with a fruit that grows […]

  • Cooking with Dried Beans
    Posted in: Beans and Legumes, Food Prep 101, Healthy Food Choices

    Myth number one: dried beans take hours to cook. The truth is that every bag of beans is a little different. Some beans take very little time to cook–30 minutes or so. Lentils take even less time. But even the toughest beans, such as chickpeas, don’t take “hours” to cook. Sometimes, you may want a […]

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